Overcoming Fear

Sometimes fear comes to overtake our mind and steal our peace. Fear brings on anxiety and takes our minds away from all the blessing the Lord gives us each day. One thing is for certain if we live in fear we are never happy or at peace. Yet God’s Word tells we are not to fear but to have faith in the Lord and His love for us. Faith is the opposite of fear. Faith in the Lord brings us power over the things we fear. It gives us a sound mind (a mind at peace no matter what we are facing); and it allows us to live in the love our Lord knowing He is always there protecting us.

Heavenly Father, We come to you asking you to calm our fears and anxieties. Reminds daily of your love and protection for us. Even though the world around may be in turmoil cover us with your peace, joy and happiness. In Jesus Precious Name. Amen

I Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Scripture of the Day

Our greatest treasures are not found in material things but in the family, friends, and loved ones we have around us each day. Yet as great a treasure as each of them are they still cannot compare to the treasures laid up for us in heaven. Joy, happiness and peace beyond anything our mortal minds can comprehend are waiting for us there. Our days should be filled with a desire to serve the Lord thereby laying up for ourselves these wonderful treasures in heaven. Have a Blessed Day! Jeanette

Scripture of the Day

Our Heavenly Father is looking for servants and handmaids to whom He can pour out His spirit. In these days we are living it is so important to be a light of what is good and holy in a world filled with evil and hate. Our world needs the Holy Spirit directing it; this can only happen through those who are willing to give their life over the Lord to be filled with His Holy Spirit and direction in their own lives. Only then can we show others the love, joy, and peace that comes from having the Holy Spirit as your guide.

“The Just Shall Live By Faith”

Under the law everyone had to keep every commandment and law that was given to Moses. There was no way anyone could accomplish this as they were all human just as we are with the same weaknesses of the flesh all are born into. In the Old Testament Aaron laid his hands upon the chosen goat and confessed the iniquities of the people upon the goat which was then turned out into the wilderness (a land not inhabited). Lev. 16:15-16. The goat bore their iniquities. Each year they had to sacrifice a lamb to cover their sins. Yet that wasn’t enough as it only rolled the sins over for another year.  

Aren’t you so glad we have a Heavenly Father who loved us so much He was willing to send His Son Jesus Christ as the final sacrifice for all the sins of mankind? Christ loved us so much He suffered a cruel death on the cross taking all our sins upon himself? Through our faith in Christ and what He did on the cross we can live with the assurance our sins are forgiven.  Completely wiped clean to be remembered no more.

Keeping our faith isn’t always easy but being faithful has great rewards. Through faith in Christ we are saved and given a promise of a home in heaven; living in faith we can walk through our days with peace in our heart and with joy in our life knowing the Father is in control. Galatians 3:13-14

Heavenly Father, we thank You from the depths of our heart for sending Your Son Jesus Christ to redeem us from the curse of eternal death. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your love, sacrifice and suffering. Thank You for taking our sins upon Yourself, dying a cruel death on the cross so we through our faith in You we have an assurance of a home in heaven when this life is finished. We love You Lord and give You all the honor and glory that is Yours and Yours alone. In Jesus Precious Name! Amen

Living in the Father’s Truth

Our Heavenly Father truth is pure and righteous but to many times our truth is based upon what feels good to us at the moment. What feels good to our fleshly being is not necessarily true by God’s standards. So how do we know we are living by His truth? We can only know this by studying His Word and staying close to Him in prayer. When we are in a close relationship with Him He speaks His truth to our hearts. His truth gives us peace in our heart and joy in our soul. Following His truth gives us an assurance that one day we will dwell with Him in the Holy Hills of Heaven. What a beautiful truth to know that if we follow the Father we will someday live in His Holy Presence forever.

Thank you Heavenly Father for Your Holy Word which is Your truth! Please clean up my heart and make it soft so it will receive Your truth. Plant Your seed, Your truth into my heart and direct my path each day so I can live my life by Your standard and not this world’s standard. In Jesus Precious Name! Amen

Peace Through Forgiveness

Our Heavenly Father is such an awesome Father, so full of love and forgiveness. All we have to do is ask Him with a sincere heart and He forgives us all our trespasses. Yet at times we are so weak and unforgiving of others who trespass against us. We let our hurt blind us to the fact that the Lord has forgiven us of so much. The Lord said in Matthew 18:23-35 that a servant came to Him owing 10 thousand talents (a million dollars) and begged the Lord to forgive the debt. Just like our loving Father He forgive the man yet when this same man came to a servant who owed him 100 pence (about $10.00), the man was unforgiving of the servant and had him thrown in jail. Isn’t that just like us in our flesh? The lord forgives us yet we are unwilling to forgive other who wronged us or hurt us in some way. I have found in my own experiences how hard it can be to forgive yet when I start to pray for the wellbeing of the one who has hurt me forgiveness starts to take place in my heart. After awhile I can then think of that person with peace in my heart. We all fall short each day, I know I do and I am so thankful for a forgiving Father that loves us so much He never gives on us.

Forgiveness is essential to our physical wellbeing; it allows our bodies to heal but more than this it is especially essential to our spiritual wellbeing. Without forgiveness and forgiving of others we cannot truly have peace in our heart or receive forgiveness from the Father. (Matthew 18:35) Please don’t let Satan fill your heart with unforgiveness. Give your hurt and anger to the Lord, pray for those who have hurt you and watch the Lord fill your heart with peace.

Heavenly Father, we come to you humbly with a heart full of hurt. We ask you to heal us of these painful experiences that caused our pain and suffering. Fill our hearts with compassion toward those who have hurt us and help us to see them through your eyes Father. Help us to understand that You love us all the same. Forgive us Father as we forgive others. Fill our hearts with compassion and love toward others and with a peace that can only come from You. In Jesus Precious Name! Amen

Knowing God

This morning as I was reading in Acts chapter 17, I read the verse where Paul was speaking to the men of Athens. In Verse 23 he said, “I found an alter with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOW GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him I declare unto you!
As I read this question immediately came to my mind, “How well do we really know God?” Do we know about Him or do we know Him, really know him intimately? Not in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense. When we know someone intimately we know their thoughts, their actions before a word is spoken or a move is made. We are so close that our thoughts transmit to one another. Are we that close to God? To know God we have to have faith that He is real not just someone we talk about but the one we feel deep down inside our heart and being. We believe He is the one who made the earth, everything we see, touch, and feel. He is the sun upon our face, the wind that blows across our skin, the air that we breathe. He is the love within our heart, the joy of each new day, the peace we feel when we lay down at night to rest. He is the beauty around us, the love of family. He is the one that is with us every moment of everyday. He is our thoughts on every subject. He is our comfort and healer when we are sick or heartbroken. He is our strength when we are weak. HE IS OUR EVERYTHING!! He is why we exist, He is our purpose in life and without HIM we are nothing.
Paul spoke of who God is to a believer, read with me what Paul said about God;
Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.
God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; Neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed anything, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.
If we know God in our hearts, minds and spirit then we are part of God. We are his offspring, a part of Him. He is who we are. His thoughts become our thoughts, His ways become our ways. The love He gives to us becomes the love we give to others. The forgiveness He has shown us we then show to others. HE IS WHO WE ARE!
We can drift away from God and He can cease to be who we are. I know from my experiences that we can find ourselves becoming doubtful and weak but remember this, the God that made us is always there. He never moves from us, we may move away from him but He never moves from us and when we are not as close to Him as we should be He is always there reaching out and drawing us back to him, to the peace and love that can only come from being in a close relationship with Him. So today let us renew ourselves to Him.
If you feel you are not where you should be today then pray with me and ask God to come into our hearts and make us into what He created us to be.
Lord, today I ask you to make me into your likeness. Show me who YOU are in my heart and spirit so I can live my life as a living of example of You to other. Let my thoughts be Your thoughts, my words be Your words and my actions be Your actions. Lord I give my life to You. Use me Lord for Your purpose. In Jesus Precious & Holy Name. Amen!
Love & Peace to each of you! Jeanette

When Silence Comes

 It’ll never be what she says that you should pay the closest attention to, but the things that stay in her mouth, the words that she does not say. The love of a woman is a powerful and beautiful thing, but her silence can be truly deafening. Hear what she says, soak in her voice and take heart of the things she shares, but if you want to truly begin to understand the complexity and depth of a woman, start to pay close attention to all the things she doesn’t say. Her eyes will speak countless words that her soul yearns to express, yet she never does. Her quiet resolve and the strong facade that she maintains for the world to see protect her in ways that mere words never can. The walls around her heart, the hidden beauty of her soul, the latent dreams and unspoken desires are all part of her mystery. Cherish her, appreciate her and respect her, for she fights battles that you’ll never know or understand. She’ll tuck it all behind few words.. “I’m okay”..” everything’s fine.. ”Those are the painful whispers of an internal war that she wages so very often. You’ll rarely see her tears, for she often cries in solitude- the shower, the car, in bed. She doesn’t want the world to judge her or for others to worry, she just has those moments when her heart erupts tears of release, and she needs that momentary meltdown to keep going. So, don’t ever mistake her silence for lack of concern, for it’s just the opposite. She has a million things to tell you, but often just doesn’t even know where to start. Be patient, be respectful and be compassionate. And whatever you do, don’t push her over the edge too far, or she might never come back the same way you once knew.. Because when she has made her decision, there’s no more chances and no more starting over.. There’s just silence. She has no more words, no more tears and nothing left for you, for your relationship.. She won’t talk any more about what’s happened or what you can do, because It won’t matter. She’s done. She’s silent because she has nothing left for you.. She’s walking away. It’s that same silence that will tell you- if you know how to listen-everything you ever wanted to know about the real beauty and depth of a woman.. Just don’t wait too long and lose the wonderful opportunity to love her in all the ways she truly deserves.. Before it’s too late.. Because when it is, all you’ll hear is her silence.

Taken from Ravenwolf

Psalm 56:8 Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

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Secret Sin

I know a lot will think this does not need to be discussed on here but I see a world where people are dying spiritual, where marriages are being destroyed and lives are lost. We cannot just see the pretty in life and never deal with the hard issues and that is why I am sharing this.

Secrets kept only destroy our lives. I have lived in a world of secrets kept to keep from hurting my church and others around me but the secrets only left emptiness and pain in my heart and I know an emptiness in him . He had an issue of looking at other women, at pornographic images and when confronted said, “It’s not hurting you if it’s wrong then it only hurts me, I’ll be the one to answer for it!” This statement is so untrue! Anytime you look at such images you are destroying those around you causing them to feel less of a person and undermining any trust they have in the relationship. In the end it will destroy you and the relationship completely. He said he would stop and did at times but would eventually go back to it because we never got the help we needed. I also want to admit my part I began to withdraw from him and I feel looking back this only made our problems worse. I wish so much that we could have went to Christian counceling but he wasn’t willing. He wants to move on and I know I have to. The Lord wants us to be pure in our mind, body, and spirit. Jesus said no sin shall enter into heaven. Please pray for those who are dealing with this addiction. They are spiritually sick and don’t even realize it. Also pray for the spouses of those in these kind of relationships, pray God gives them the wisdom and strength they need to walk through it. I see things I wish I had done differently but its to later now for us. It’s hard sharing this but I pray sharing helps someone out there. Maybe it will help someone else save their marriage.

James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

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He Cares For You

He Cares For You

It was a troublesome time as we dealt with the loss of my dad in fall months of 1996. The years prior to that had been hard as well. We had seen a lot of heartache with my father-in-law dying just one year prior to my dad and my nephew having been murder a few years before that. As I look back and remember the weight of loss our family had suffered I sometimes wonder how we got through those times at all. One thing was for certain the hand of God was upon us during those difficult years.

I often wonder how my brother and his family coped with all the heartache, anger and bitterness from the loss of their first born. It changed their lives forever and left a void that could never be filled. I can remember standing and staring out the window of my mom and dad’s thinking we were all living in a horrific dream that we would eventually wake up from. But that day never came and the reality set in that we had lost someone very special in our lives.  

My mom and dad had taken it very hard as well. Timmy had been their first born grandson, the apple of their eye, as was all their grandchildren. My mother grieved night and day, I can remember her saying at one point she had cried so many tears that she couldn’t cry anymore. I don’t believe I ever saw her cry again after that, not even when she lost dad. And dad, who had recently had heart surgery spend all his days looking for clues to whom had shot his grandson in the back. His mind was tortured to the point he eventually had a stroke and had to spend months in rehab to just be able to come home again to his family. Five years after the death of his grandson my dad eventually lost his battle with cancer.

During all of this reality set in, bad things can happen to good people. It doesn’t matter how good you are the evil in this world can still come to visit us and our family. When times like these come our faith in God and His goodness is the only thing that carries us through. We saw hard time, we had no choice. Yet in all of this the Lord was with each of us showing his love and mercy to us in so many ways. He was there giving us strength when we were weak, comfort when we were grieving, peace when we felt there would never be peace found again within our hearts and souls. The Lord never promised us there would never be troubles but he did promise He would be with us in whatever we face.

If you are reading this and you are struggling with great loss and heartache in your life please remember the Lord loves you and He will never leave you no matter what is happening in your life. He understands your anger, your bitterness, your rage at times, and your pain. There isn’t anything you have done or can do to keep Him from loving you. He cares for you and will give you the strength you need to get through whatever you are facing.

Jesus Promised in John 14:16-18: And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

Jesus promised we would not be alone. Trust Him He is there with you all the way, through it all, loving you as no other can because He loves you more than life itself.

God Blessings and Love to All! Jeanette

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